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  • EP(D)M
    Recommended for use in contact with air/water. Good mechanical properties.
  • NBR
    Recommended for use in contact with oil and fuel.
  • HNBR
    Similar to NBR yet, resistant to high temperatures.
  • FKM
    Resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.
  • LSR
    Liquid silicone, recommended for easy-to-handle production processes.
  • VMQ
    Excellent properties at extremely high temperatures.
  • ACM
    Resistant to fuel and oil at high temperatures.
  • AEM
    Good characteristics in the presence of oil, fuel and with varying temperature ranges.
  • FVMQ
    Good mechanical properties at high temperatures.
  • ECO
    Good heat resistance and recommended for use in contact with oil.
  • CR
    Good ozone and recommended for use in contact with a variety of chemical substances.
  • NR
    Good mechanical properties, not suitable for high temperatures and in contact with chemical substances.

One of Seal’s System’s main strengths is being able to produce seals using a wide variety of materials.

Seal’s System produces high-quality seals for various industries.

Close co-operation with our material suppliers enables us to meet all kinds of requirements.

We can develop a compound specifically to meet our customer’s needs and once tested, we can type-approve it through the specialised bodies.